Don’t Let Go of the Glow (whatever you do)

dont-let-go-of-the-glow-1In a conversation, my friend Andrea told me how happy she was with the direction her life had been  going. She said, “Things are going so good, I don’t want to let go of the glow.”

Don’t let go of the glow. I liked that. It’s important to guard our thoughts against the negativity that can so easily creep in. I’ve learned that whatever I illustrate sticks with me so I promptly rustled up a couple of models (Andrea’s son Adrian being one of them) and got this drawing down on paper. The next week when Adrian’s mom mentioned she was intent on “keeping the glow going,” I thought, “oh no, here we go again.”

What about you? How do you keep the glow going?

Working with Elizabeth and Adrian was nothing short of a hoot.

Working with Elizabeth and Adrian was a delight.

All text and images © Sue Shanahan. All rights reserved.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Let Go of the Glow (whatever you do)

  1. Thanks, Sue, for a gorgeous picture and lovely post.

    For me, it is really hard to feel positive all the time. The important thing for me is to remind myself that things can and probably will improve. I have to give myself permission to have those inevitable lows, otherwise I’d be down on myself for feeling that way. As my Irish grandmother used to say, “I had such a good cry.” Sometimes that’s the prelude to a smile . . .or glow.


  2. Thanks for a wonderful phrase, Sue! Sometimes I have to let the yucky, ugly, dark, sticky, brutal, etc. stuff come out, before the glow can even surface. If I continue to trust it’s inside me, even in the worst of times, then I know unleashing the icky feelings is what will free it up.

    It’s an act of total surrender. When I feel myself losing the belief in the glow, The Divine puts a gentle, loving reminder in my path. My job then becomes getting still enough to listen.

    Thanks again for sharing this!


  3. Beautiful illustrations Sue. I try to always find the “silver lining” in situations even if they’re uncomfortable or new to me. Sometimes the glow happens right before my eyes and I’m fully aware of it. I captured a picture of my daughter Lindsey watching fireworks on the 4th. She was laying on her back looking up to the sky, and just as the fireworks erupted, I snapped a picture of the colors shining down on her. Now I have a picture of a beautiful glow to look back on if I’m feeling negative or down.


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