Don’t Let Go of the Glow


I have a young friend, Andrea, who inspires the heck out of me. One day she told me how happy she was with the direction her life had been going. She said, “Things are going so good, I don’t want to let go of the glow.” Don’t let go of the glow. I really liked that. It’s so easy to let negativity creep in and take over. That’s why it’s important to watch our thoughts and steer them in the direction of gratitude when they begin to get off course.

I’ve learned that I absorb the message of whatever I illustrate  so I promptly rustled up a couple of models (Andrea’s son Adrian being one of them) and got this drawing down on paper. The next week when Andrea mentioned she was intent on “keeping the glow going,” I thought, “oh no, get me some paper. Here we go again.”

*By the way, I am looking for a little asian girl, around age four, (my model in the above art is now too old) to base the “Keep the Glow Going” illustration on. I see her walking along a path carrying a paper lantern. That image has lived in my mind’s eye since I first wrote this post a couple of years ago. If you know of a little one that fits my description, please get in touch with me at

Paper Lantern


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Text and images © Sue Shanahan. All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Let Go of the Glow

  1. The ‘glow’ for me would be my Home – the children and my husband. That’s one light that has always burned tender and faithful through everything. Every time I got caught up in work stress and other problems, I’d pray for help, but it would come in the form of an invisible hand turning my head towards the home. Sue, your beautiful painting of children held enthralled by the glow of nature says it all: Look for the light of life through the eyes of young ones.


  2. WOW! Don’t let go of the glow. 6 simple words = one great thought! I, too, love this and I’m so glad you wrote about it and drew your ever awesome pictures! You are a very gifted woman who knows how to use your skills in a grand way! Thanks again, Sue!


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