Why Worry?

Why Worry?I’ve spent a good amount of my time on Earth fretting.  A defense developed in childhood, worry was my talisman, my rabbit’s foot. I believed it kept me safe. Delving into my spiritual yearning has brought me to a place of openness and questioning.
What if life happens just the way it’s supposed too?
What if everything appears exactly when we need it?
What if inside each problem is a lesson that is a gift to help us navigate through life?
What if following our heart is following God’s guidance?
What if being open to how are longings are realized, leaves God the space to out dream us?
I’ve learned when I’m trusting, and being myself as fully as possible, everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously.

As usual, the characters in this illustration are based on real children. I got to know Riley and her brother Nick on my walks through our neighborhood with my dog.

DSC_0188.JPG copy

The Sheltie in the art is my nephew Jeff’s puppy, Jake. His ears make him look like he’s ready to take flight.

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Text and images © Sue Shanahan. All rights reserved. www.sueshanahan.com

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4 thoughts on “Why Worry?

  1. Hi Sue, I love how all the people AND pets in your drawing are from real life! And I really love this blog!! It is so true and I think if any of us looked back on our lives we would see how God’s plan has unfolded, in both good and bad or sad times. It goes without saying, IMO, that we either listen to and follow God’s road for us or we circle back and try again when we don’t get the lesson He meant the first time around! I also believe that God works very hard, with help from our Guardian angels, to get us from where we are to where He wishes us to be! My husband is 3 years younger than me and he graduated from HS the year I SHOULD have graduated from college. He also came from a very small logging town much further south from where I lived – in fact I had never heard of it before. I didn’t graduate in 1965 because I loved to take classes that sounded interesting to me, but didn’t help toward my degree. I also dropped out of college twice, the 2nd time for good . . . or so I thought. So, God sent my dear college friend’s husband along to keep knocking on my mind about ‘when I was going back to college’. He never accepted my answer ‘NEVER’. Finally he had me come to the school district where he oversaw the Special Education program and spend a day in the classes. Within 5 minutes of being there, I finally realized what I REALLY wanted to do with my life. SO! I returned to college with 5 quarters left to complete my education degree. From September to May I lived with 3 other women in a house about 1 mile from campus. We moved in the September of 1967 and the following May, I spent an evening flirting with the ‘cute bartender’ at Shakeys Pizza Parlor and then leaving with my friends. Turned out the very next day he saw me on the porch of my house and we discovered we had lived directly across the street from each other since that same September! We never once saw the other until that night at Shakeys! We spent the summer taking classes but also having a grand time together. We were married on May 10th, just one year and one day after we met!! Oh, and the man who got me back to college married my dear college friend. SHE lived about 10 miles from my guy’s house, also in a small logging town! I sure do love how life comes out if we just follow God’s leads! Thanks for sharing another great blog!

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