Why Worry?

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” – Rumi


I’ve spent a good amount of my time on Earth fretting. A defense developed in childhood, worry was my talisman, my rabbit’s foot.  I believed it kept me safe. The burden of that mindset eventually lead me to search for a better way.

I’ve heard it said that fear indicates a lack of love in a person’s life. Could that be true? Believing that there is a loving Being who has our best interests at heart would certainly assuage the panic with which I’ve lived. I have begun to consider how life would work if a God who delighted in us were truly in charge.

*Everything would happen with perfect timing. 

*Everything would appear exactly when it was needed.

 *Inside each problem would be a lesson that’s a gift to spur personal growth.

  *Following one’s heart would be the same as following God’s guidance.

  *Letting go of how to materialize our goals would leave room for God to outdream us.

Instead of being comfortable with worry, I am learning to be comfortable with trust, trust in God. When I’m in that state, everything works itself out, often miraculously so. I’m finding out that there is no need to orchestrate life. All is well. The evidence of that can be found in the blessings that surround us all. There is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. 


I met my models Riley, and Nick on a walk with my dog.


My nephew’s puppy’s ears make him look ready to take flight.

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